Uji Rickshaw Ride tour: For Whom Don’t Want to Walk

You probably have seen these rickshaws in Japan, especially in Kyoto or Kamakura. Then have you ever tried to ride?

Well, I just had with my best friend in Uji, Kyoto for the first time. Because she was very tired from walking day after day.

After she found that we would walk about 20 minutes from JR Uji Station to Byodoin Temple, she quickly walked towards the young man, who was waiting for the guest, wearing a tabi sock at the front of the station.

At this point, she didn’t even ask me!

Oh well, I was kind of forced to her to walk day after day anyway, I understand she really didn’t want to walk. So let her ask the price for the ride with a tour guide.

You probably need to ask an English speaker there or book it ahead.

Then this is the price ↓ (2020, there are no Ebisu rickshaws available in Uji)

Uji Rickshaw Ride tour: For Whom Don't Want to Walk
price list from Ebisuya website

There are a few different courses but we just chose for 30 minutes one, which was going to Byodoin temple.

Uji Rickshaw Ride tour: For Whom Don't Want to Walk
From Ebisuya website (2020, not available)

We started from JR Uji Station (Nara line) towards to Byodoin temple.

Firstly, let me introduce the rickshaw rider, Yohei Konishi.

Uji Rickshaw Ride tour: For Whom Don't Want to Walk

He’s got such a charming smile. Well, we thought he is a student, but he is working full time as a rickshaw rider.

Uji Rickshaw Ride tour: For Whom Don't Want to Walk

Firstly, we started from JR Uji Station are where the rickshaw was parked, then we were heading to crosse the Uji Bridge.

It was a little hot day, and he was sweating a little as he ran. Even though it was his job, we were quite impressed by how he was physically strong.

What surprised us was that the wind was really refreshing and pleasant and, it was a quite comfortable riding.

Uji Rickshaw Ride tour: For Whom Don't Want to Walk
Uji river and Uji bridge

It’s kind of strange that I feel “nostalgic” when I’m riding in a rickshaw, but I wonder why…

I felt like I was riding behind a bicycle.

Then the first time here, I said to my best friend that I was glad I was on the rickshaw. Then she boasted with satisfaction,

“See, I was right!”

The rickshaw rider was also a tour guide, so he was explaining some of the histories of Uji area for us.

While he was running, he pointed out a vending machine dedicated to Uji tea, which was only in Uji.

Uji Rickshaw Ride tour: For Whom Don't Want to Walk
Only Uji green tea bending machine

Well, this rickshaw cost 9,000 yen for 30 minutes, of course, we expected some of the unordinary guides from him. Then, he runs very lightly and energetically, doing the same as a guide.

He sweated more and more, but he’s so professional that he didn’t give us any exhausted or unpleasant face at all.

Uji Rickshaw Ride tour: For Whom Don't Want to Walk
The entrance of Ujikami shrine
Uji Rickshaw Ride tour: For Whom Don't Want to Walk
Photo credit : 京都写真素材

This Ujigami-jinja Shrine was a local ujigami (guardian deity of a particular place or place in the Shinto beliefs). I could feel a serene atmosphere around the area. Especially just we passed the front gate.

I personally felt like I’d like to visit, but it was October 1st, well, October is called Kanna-zuki (神無月) in an old calendar in Japan.

That meant all of Japanese Shinto Gods go to Izumo to hold a meeting. Thus, there were no gods anywhere else in Japan except in Izumo.

Uji Rickshaw Ride tour: For Whom Don't Want to Walk

Next stop, we came to Uji Shrine. And the rickshaw’s rider offered us to take some photos with our cameras.

There were many maple trees around here, so it must be pretty in autumn when the leaves are red!

Well, 30 minutes riding was quite short, we had to say good by to Yo-chan when we got the entrance parking area of Byodoin temple.

My friends and I both rode a rickshaw for the first time. We’ve always seen it in places like Kyoto and Kamakura, and it stands out a lot.

We weren’t sure that we could ride it not only high fees, but we were embarrassed because they stood out, until the woman who didn’t want to walk at all then walked towards “Yo-chan (rickshaw rider)”.

However, I was glad that Uji wasn’t so busy with people, though. Well, it was just after the typhoon, they had stopped all trains the day before, so there were very few people in Uji area.

And most of all, the wind feels  so good!!

Then, After all, it’s so easy!

There is a bit distance from JR Uji Station to Byodoin Temple, and it’s not like taking a taxi.
Well, there are interesting shops towards Byodo-in Temple so that you can enjoy it. But I think it’s perfect for someone like my best mate who just doesn’t want to walk very much.
I think it’s a good idea to try the rickshaw once in a lifetime.


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I hope you enjoyed my story of our Kyoto’s Rickshaw riding experience.  Hopefully, you found it useful and make you got there too!

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