Kyoto Brighton Hotel review: Sacred Energy Power Boost Best Hotel

Firstly, let me tell you why I believe this hotel is a kind of spiritual power spot. In British culture, spiritually sacred places are often referred to as power spots. Since I was very young, I have always been interested in spooky or spiritual things. I read a lot of books about ghosts or watched scary movies, which is a common interest shared by many other British people.

Then, while reading one of my favourite authors, Nanami Kamon’s book, I came across some interesting stories about the Kyoto Brighton Hotel from when she stayed there with her mother. In her book, she mentions that she only stays at this hotel when she visits Kyoto because it is so sacred and spiritually clean, allowing her to sleep soundly. However, she also mentions experiencing ghostly phenomena.

Whether you believe it or not, during my last two visits to Kyoto (for school trips), I had eerie experiences, like sensing someone walking next to my futon bed in the middle of the night or finding the curtain open despite ensuring it was closed. Such ghosty things are quite common in Kyoto.

Therefore, I decided to stay at this hotel after reading Kamon’s book, and I have found that I can sleep soundly, feeling refreshed when I return from exploring outside. This hotel is not only ghost-free, but it also boasts lovely staff and excellent customer service. You will likely love this hotel too.

Legend of Abe no Seimei’s Spell Protection

In the Heian period (between 794 and 1185), Abe no Seimei was the most powerful shaman of that era, known as an Onmyogi. He was later enshrined long after his death out of respect for his shamanism and power. This Kyoto Brighton Hotel was built on his property, so I asked the hotel’s concierge whether this was true. She confirmed that it was indeed supposed to have been built on his property.

According to legend, when he built his mansion, he cast an eternal spell to protect it from evil spirits. Therefore, it is believed that this hotel would also have been protected by his spell, for eternity. Additionally, the hotel concierge mentioned that the god of the Kamikamo Shrine had been enshrined separately from its main shrine, which may have some significance.

With so many shrines and temples in Kyoto, it is often considered one of the most spiritual cities in the world. Consequently, it is also common to hear many spooky stories about Kyoto.

After a long day of sightseeing and visiting shrines and temples, you might take something ghosty things bring back with you from these sites (if you believe such a thing). In any case, I find that when I return to the hotel, my mood is lifted and I feel physically refreshed, much like after visiting sacred shrines to receive blessings.

Not only sacred, Food is excellent!

Japanese Restaurant Hotaru:

And not just a spiritual boosting power spot! You can’t miss Brighton’s food either!!
I am also looking forward to having a Japanese breakfast there! It’s so gorgeous and delicious! I always have one the next morning when I arrive.
Living in Australia, it’s almost impossible to find something like that, and I miss it a lot too.

Restaurant Ferrie: Western Style Breakfast Buffet

Also, a Western-style buffet breakfast is available. Most mornings, I opt for a Japanese breakfast to enjoy my first day in Japan. Then, afterward, I have a Western breakfast where I can have salad and a variety of other options along with coffee and tea.

This restaurant, Ferrie, also offers a dinner menu, of course. They have an entrée buffet menu which I also enjoyed for its variety of dishes.

Unfortunately, I thought I had taken some photos, but I can’t seem to find any. Please refer to the hotel’s Instagram account.

You must Try the Chinese Order Buffet!

Not only the Japanese breakfast, but you must also try their Chinese Order Buffet. You can choose whatever you like from the menu. Even if you are getting full, you cannot stop without trying everything! I’ve been there three times, and each time I had everything. It’s really fun to order small dishes, which are just the right amount, rather than ordering full-size dishes.

I highly recommend Brighton’s Chinese restaurant, Kakan

Brighton Hotel is Just a lovely cozy 5-star hotel

The Brighton Hotel is such a lovely place. It’s a bit far from the station, so you have to take a hotel shuttle or a taxi. I saw some people complaining about the inconvenience of accessing this hotel.

But only a stroll from the Imperial Palace takes less than 10 minutes, which is quite lovely in the autumn season as well as during cherry blossom season (I haven’t been there in spring, but I’m sure it would be beautiful).

Unfortunately, I haven’t been there in spring, but I’ve visited twice in autumn. It was such a beautiful season to see the leaves turn vivid red and yellow.

Also, the rooms are mostly quite spacious, and the room amenities are really good. I found Japanese matcha tea as a complimentary service. They use underground spring water which runs throughout Kyoto from Kurama mountain. So, when you take a shower or bath, you can feel the water is less chemical.

I highly recommend this hotel for its unusual energy boost!

The Kyoto Brighton Hotel is located in a quiet residential area, about a 5-minute walk from the Kyoto Imperial Palace, and is surrounded by historic shrines and temples, as well as many long-established shops that have supported Kyoto’s food culture, such as Japanese sweets, soy sauce, miso, and sake.

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