Kyoto Brighton Hotel review: Sacred Energy Power Boost Best Hotel


Firstly let me tell you why I know this hotel is a kind of power spot (in Japanese, spiritually sacred places are called power spots). Even I was very young. I am always interested in spooky or spiritual things, I read a lot of book about ghosts or scary movies just like a lot of other Japanese does.

Then one of my favourite author, Nanami Kamon’s book, I found some interesting stories about this Kyoto Brighton hotel when she stayed with her mother. In her book, she says that she only stays this hotel when she comes to Kyoto. Because this hotel is so sacred and spiritually clean and she can sleep like a log. However, she can see things like ghosty stuff….

Well, I don’t care that you believe or not, but last two times in my life visiting Kyoto (for my school trips) both I experienced badly like someone was walking next to my futon bed in the middle of the night or, the curtain was open that we made sure to shut! And it’s Kyoto, that is pretty much normal.

Therefore, I have decided to stay this hotel since I have read Kamon’s book, then I sleep like a log and even though, I feel refreshed when I come back from outside. This is not an only ghost-free hotel, there are so lovely staff and excellent customer service. You probably will love this hotel too.

Legent of Abe no Seimei’s Spell Protection

I have already written about Abe no Seimei and his shrine in my previous article. Abe no Seimei was a most powerful shaman in Heian period called Onmyogi. Then he enshrines long after he died for respect his shamanism and power. This Kyoto Brighton hotel built on his property then I asked the hotel’s concierge whether it’s true or not. Then she said it was true, well, she says it supposed to be built on his property.

However, as a legend, when he built his mansion, he put an eternal spell on then it should be protected by evil spirits. Thus, also this hotel would have been protected by his spell.

Also, the hotel concierge mentioned that Kamikamo shrine’s god had enshrined separately from its main shrine, so that it may have something to do with scarcity.
There are so many shrines and temples in Kyoto. I must say it may be the most spiritual city in the world. Then it’s also ubiquitous to have many spooky stories about Kyoto too.

Then after a long day of sightseeing and visiting shrines and temples, you might take something from these sites (if you believe), anyway, I feel when I get back to the hotel, it’s just lifted my mood and physically righten up. Just like after you visited sacred shrines to get blessed.

Not only sacred, Food is excellet!

And not only spiritual boost! You can’t miss Brighton’s food!!
I am also looking forward to going there for a Japanese breakfast! It’s so gorgeous and delicious! I always have one the next morning when I get there.
Living in Australia, it’s almost impossible to have like that, and I’m missing them a lot too.

Kyoto Brighton Hotel review: Sacred Energy Power Boost Best Hotel
My favorite Japanese breakfast in Kyoto Brighton Hotel
Kyoto Brighton Hotel review: Sacred Energy Power Boost Best Hotel
Photo credit : Kyoto Brighton Hotel Website

Also, a western-style buffet breakfast is available, mostly one morning I have Japanese breakfast to enjoy my first day of Japan. Then, after all, I have a western breakfast which I can have salad and other variety with coffee and tea.

Unfortunately, I thought I took some photos, but I can’t find any so that please refer to Hotel Instagram.

This restaurant, Ferrie, has a dinner menu, of course. They have an entre menu buffet which I also enjyoed variety of their food.

You must Try Chinese Order Buffet !

Not only Japanese breakfast, but you must also try their Chinese Order Buffet. You can choose whatever you like from the menu. Even you are getting full, you can not stop without trying everything!

I’ve been there 3 times then I had every time, it’s really fun to order small dishes which quite right amount rather than order full-size dish.

I highly recommend Brighton’s Chinese, Kakan restaurant.

There is a Teppanyaki restaurant there too, I went there only once with my husband, it was fresh, and Japanese wagyu was excellent. But I prefer other restaurants for a buffet. Well, just because I love the buffet.

Brighton Hotel is Just lovely cozy 5 star hotel

Kyoto Brighton Hotel review: Sacred Energy Power Boost Best Hotel
photo credit: Kyoto Brighton Hotel website

Brighton hotel is such a lovely hotel. It’s a bit far from the station so that you have to take a hotel shuttle or taxi. I saw some people complained about the inconvenience of access to this hotel.

But only a stroke from Imperial Palace takes only less than 10 minutes to get there for a walk, which quite lovely in the autumn season and as well as cherry blossom (I haven’t been there in spring, but I’m sure it would be beautiful).

Unfortunately, I haven’t been to the spring, but I’ve been there in autumn for twice. It was such a beautiful season to see the leaves turned vivid red and yellow.

Also, the rooms are mostly quite spacious, and room amenity is really good, I’ve found Japanese matcha tea as compliment service. And they use underground spring water which runs through all over the Kyoto from Kurama mountain. So, when you take a shower or bath, you can feel the water less chemically.

I highly recommend this unusual energy boost hotel!

Kyoto Brighton Hotel’s Pros and Cons

Pros :

  • Lovely atmosphere, excellent customer service as a standard 5-star hotel
  • Food is excellent, especially Japanese breakfast is worth to try
  • Room amenity, tea selection is over expected

Cons :

  • A bit distance from the nearest station
  • High season is a bit expensive compare to other hotels
  • There is nothing much around the hotel


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Where to book Kyoto Brighton Hotel

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