“Sakura Saku” when can I see it again?!

"Sakura Saku" when can I see it again?!

Thank you very much for visiting my site, my name is Sakura.

I’m an owner of this blog. Sakura is my pen name, and the origin of Sakura is, of course, the Japanese flower “Sakura”- cherry blossoms.
“Sakura” is my favourite flower and if possible, I would like to see the cherry blossoms indeed, but I haven’t seen it for 20 years, so I made a pen name with the deep nostalgia.

“Sakura Saku” means cherry blossoms bloom in Japanese.

Ok, let me introduce myself just a little. When you read my blog, you will find more about me, but it would be better to give you a hint.

I was born in Yokohama, Japan, sometime in the last half-century. Yokohama is a bay city, and sort of multicultural city compared to any other city in Japan except Tokyo. I occasionally visited American bases or American clubs at a very early age and I always wanted to visit different countries.

In 1991, I got a chance to go to England to study English for the first time to live outside of Japan, it was a fantastic time, and I’ve made lots of friends from all over the world.
Since then, I was always keen to get out from Japan, explore my world and possibilities, however it took a long time to make it happen.

Currently, I am living in Sydney, Australia since the year 2000. I met a very lovable and gorgeous Australian man in Japan. Then just only a month to take to decide to get married to this guy, well, life sometimes has wonderful surprises.

My life is getting better and better!

Anyhow, just only two months since we moved to Australia, I got pregnant accidentally (oh I should say “unexpectedly”) but it was great news to have another member of our family. During my pregnancy, it was ok, but I had 3 days of labour, and a year later, I’ve got postnatal depression.

Indeed, during fighting against the depression even with my husband and my Australian family who supported me 100% was very hard, but it changed my life completely.

When I got better after a year of fighting my postnatal depression, I decided to go Art school which was my first childhood dream becoming an artist.

Then luckily, I have finished my first degree then further studied Masters in Fine Art.
I studied colour meanings in cultural diversities, and my primal interest is Japanese aesthetic and traditional colours which based on nature and religious concepts such as Zen and Shinto animism.
Since I left Japan, I started to fascinate Japan’s aesthetic feature. Most of all, it’s nature’s imperfection, the oddness and uniqueness are the primal beauty of all.

What I’m writing about in this blog….

"Sakura Saku" when can I see it again?!

As you have already known, English is my second language, so sometimes you may find my writing is a bit bizarre or odd.

But I’d like to share a lot of things and stories which I found so funny, exciting or inspiring, such as :

  • travel (haven’t been many places yet)
  • food (my dad was a chef, and I grew up in the kitchen!)
  • shopping (I’ve got a talent to find low prices)
  • useful gadgets (for traveling or home and kitchen)
  • adventure (living life is already an adventure to me)
  • cultural diversity (I’m Japanese and Australian)

And much more!! Will see how much I can find to share.

Anyway, again, English is not my mother language. My expressions might be hard to understand, which may have some Japanese cultural aspect behind it or just because of me…

I hope you may find it’s funny and interesting in reading my articles and stories.

Ah, I almost forgot to tell you that I don’t take any comments in each article, so if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via the contact form.

I will get back to you as soon as possible!!


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